Vermont Business Magazine: Encore Renewable gets $1 million to expand solar projects in New England

The Flexible Capital Fund (Flex Fund) of Vermont, Coastal Enterprises (CEI) of Maine and New Hampshire Community Loan Fund (Community Loan Fund) today announced a joint investment of $1 million in Encore Renewable Energy, a Vermont-based clean energy company with a proven track record of reclaiming undervalued real estate for community-scale solar PV systems.

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Solar Power World: Encore Renewable Energy adds rooftop solar to UVM Medical Center in Vermont

Encore Renewable Energy announced the commissioning of a 198-kW solar array on the roof of the UVM Medical Center on Holly Court in Williston, Vermont. The project began generating solar electricity in December 2018. UVM Medical Center will receive net metering credits at a discount, along with a steady stream of lease revenue from an otherwise unused rooftop. Together, these will result in approximately $124,000 of total value to UVM Medical Center over the 25-year life of the system.

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CleanTechnica: Wind developers leaving social media to NIMBYs

“It’s all too easy to recirculate fake news about wind energy on Facebook,” said Peter Kelley, Managing Partner of RenewComm. “There’s a small group of people who do it from the time they get up in the morning to the time they go to bed. But there are certainly bright spots, like ‘Electric Nation: Powered by Wind.’ Several wind companies got together to encourage wind supporters to get off the sidelines. They worked with the Wind Solar Alliance to foster an online community, which now has 188,000 followers on Facebook.”

Read more about how wind supporters are getting off the sidelines, from veteran wind writer Michael Barnard, writing in CleanTechnica about a new analysis by our friends at Tigercomm.

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GreenBiz: Closing the clean energy funding gap is a matter of economics — and national security

The Fourth National Climate Assessment forecasts a deeply troubling future for U.S. national security. As combat veterans, we acutely appreciate the threats identified by this report and the risks of inaction. As business leaders, we also recognize the financial opportunity that thwarting these risks offers for the American economy. It’s time to take a cue from the military’s willingness to invest in microgrids and onsite renewables. Read more on GreenBiz from Jon Powers of CleanCapital and Kevin Johnson of GlidePath Solutions.

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RenewThoughts: How to write op-eds and guest blogs so they’re easy to place and fun to read

We were working for a client the other day, and wound up updating our tips for writing op-ed articles and guest blogs. Following these dozen tips will help you wind up with a piece that an editor will actually want to put in her publication, and that people will actually want to read.

Because when you think about it, you’re competing against every other thing your would-be readers can spend their time on — which includes anything else they could be looking at on their phone at that very moment.

So make it good! Here’s how.

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Recharge: Will US offshore be sustainable when tax credits expire?

Offshore wind has become a core asset class for numerous investors and lenders in Europe — and the same may soon be true in the US.

We see all the European trends coming to the US market — supporting technological advances, supply chains, and growth at competitive costs, even as subsidies expire:

a) big utilities and oil & gas companies want to scale renewables, and are comfortable with development, technology, and operating risk; b) more lenders are lending at lower rates; and c) institutional investors want to own equity stakes, providing projects with funding options.

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National Geographic: Forests Are the Forgotten Climate Solution, Experts Say

Can protecting forests help save the planet? Environmentalists are hoping the answer is yes. They're hoping to reach a solution they're calling 30x30.

“This is a place where we can scale now and scale quickly,” says Nigel Purvis, CEO of Climate Advisers. “It has been a tiny part of the political attention and media attention. It's really the forgotten solution.”

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Greentech Media: More Breakthroughs Are Needed to Keep Wildlife From Curtailing Wind Farms

The wind industry has done a lot to protect wildlife. But there are still more technological and operational solutions to pursue.

Gabriel Alonso was CEO of the fourth-largest wind energy operator, EDP Renewables North America, for nine years, and a past chair of the American Wind Energy Association board. Here he argues for CEOs allocating enough in their 2019 budgets to keep the research going. 

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MediaBistro: Why the Renewable Industry Is Looking to Recruit and Retain Diverse Talent

The renewable energy market continues to report record growth. Global wind capacity is on track to hit 800 GW by 2021, and the emerging energy storage market is expected to reach 125 GW of capacity in the next decade. The U.S. solar industry is on track to add 15 GW of Photovoltaic (PV) capacity annually between now and 2023. This historic growth has catapulted a sector once categorized as “alternative” into a critical role amongst our mainstream energy portfolio.

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RenewThoughts: Digital communication best practices in a GDPR world

As a communications professional, who works with a variety of clients based in the U.S. and focused exclusively on marketing in the U.S., I’ve spent a lot of time trying to determine the impacts of the new regulations surrounding data protection and privacy (known as GDPR) for my clients. While compliance might not be required for my clients immediately, implementing the highest standards when it comes to data protection and consent will always benefit a company’s marketing efforts and its reputation.

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Energy News Network: Women look to close renewable energy’s employment gender gap

Women make up about a third of U.S. wind and solar energy jobs, higher than other technology fields.

Sarah Fischer’s journey into the renewable energy field began with a high school French teacher whose husband had been a child slave in Haiti. The couple opened Fischer’s eyes to human rights and international development issues and sparked a desire to make a difference in such situations.

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Renewables Now: CleanCapital acquires 10.2-MW solar portfolio in Massachusetts

Clean energy investment platform operator CleanCapital has acquired a 10.2-MW solar portfolio from New York-based developer G&S Solar, it was announced on Thursday.

The newly purchased portfolio includes two projects in Massachusetts, with “high-quality customers”, including a corporate entity and municipality, as the offtakers. By adding those projects, CleanCapital now has nearly USD 150 million (EUR 128.5m) of acquired operating solar assets, it said.

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PRESS RELEASE: Industry leaders relaunch RenewComm to serve renewable energy and cleantech clients

RenewComm, a strategic communications and public relations firm, has relaunched to offer senior-level consulting to companies and non-profits in the renewable energy and cleantech sectors.

Managing partners in the firm are Lauren Glickman and Peter Kelley. Glickman has served a variety of clients in the sector for five years as WindyGlick Communications. Kelley was previously vice president of public affairs for the American Wind Energy Association for nearly eight years, and before that was a founding member of RenewComm.

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E&E: Grid stability isn't about saving coal — analysis

Alison Silverstein, a Texas-based consultant, and Rob Gramlich and Michael Goggin, former top staff at the American Wind Energy Association, prepared an analysis for the Natural Resources Defense Council and the Environmental Defense Fund. The report is meant to expand a debate around how to ensure the power grid is reliable overall and resilient when pipes freeze or a hurricane strikes.

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